How To Write A Good Article For Website 2019, best seo services

How To Write A Good Article For Website 2019- best seo services

How to Write A Good Article for your website. Today I will Show you a format of writing Article that can rank you very fast in google results. See my How To Chose Keywords For Your Website SEE HERE  and Chose good Keywords For Your Article . So You Can Rank Very Fast In google Search Results .

How to Write a Article for Your Webiste , SEO Friendly Article

Things You Have To Follow When Writing Article for Website- best seo services

Tips For Article writing

  1. you have to follow the grammatical standards for your article. in easy words make sure that when you are writing a article you must use ( Commas , Full Stops , Question Marks) in your article  and Others Symbols .
  2. Make sure that your article should be at least of 700 words.
  3. so here is the format
< Heading 1 >
<p> your article text <p>
< Heading 2 >
< Heading 3>
<p> text here <p>

  • Your Article Should Be clear about which thing you are telling to your visitors
  • make more than 3 headings that is displaying your article topic so google bots can crawl you Easily.
  • Use Google Search Console To Track Your Organic Traffic and use Google Analytics to See your Traffic Insights .
  • Use Yoast SEO Plugin For your S.E.O. techniques so you can easily Do S.E.O of You Website .
  • Must attach a photo in your article and give alt “text here  ”  with images alt text should be what the photo is displaying . Or the heading of your article .

Use Images When Writing A Article – best seo services

How To Use Images when writing a Article

  • must attach photos in article so your visitors can easily under stand about which thing you are writing article .
  • With image must use Alt ” ” text so google bots can understand that about which thing image is .

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