Techniques For SEO strategy

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization Strategies . How To Learn SEO strategy . I am Sharing Some  Most Impacting Techniques That Can Help You To Grow your Organic Traffic

Lets Begin . If You Are The Beginner in The Blogging Then You Are On The Absolutely Right Place. Lets See Some Basic Tips About Blogging Which Mistakes you Should Not Make While blogging.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Dont Make Yoru Blog For multipurposes
  • Chose A Single Topic for Your Blog , Not Multiple Topics.
  • Multiple Topics Will Decrease Your Search Ranking With Time.
  • Make Healthy Content For Your Website.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Do You Want To Grow Your Organic traffic. Here I am Goona Show You Some Basic Example From My Own website So you Can Understand Better .

  • On-Page optimization

On-Page Optimization Techniques Is Very Helpful Technique For Doing Good SEO. What You Have To Do For on-Page optimization. you Have to Make A page For Your Website. Like  This

Seo Stategy As you Can See In This Image That i have highlighted Some things You Should Must Make this Kinds Of Things on Page

On-page Optimization Techniques

  • Must make a Heading 1  H1  On Your Front Page That Is Displaying About Which Thing Your Website Is
  • Also Make A More Sub Heading With The Same Name it Can Be H2 Heading 2
  • When you Are Writing Content Must Include The More links From Your Website Attach links from Your Own Site Like How To Do Website Audit .

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And must Attach Some Others Posts Within your Content Like There is Written Newslatter is Clickable Text. With sAme Method Make Some More things From Your Own Website

Short Review of The post

  • Make A H1 Heading ( That is Displying About Which thing Your WebSite Is
  • Make A Sub- Heading ( that Should Be Relevant About Your H1 )
  • Must Include Image On Your Page With ALT TAG
  • Make your Content With Clickable Links From Your Own Website


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