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The Complete Guide To SEO Optimized Content Writing

The Complete Guide To SEO Optimized Content Writing

The Complete Guide To SEO Optimized Content Writing
July 03
07:38 2019

The Complete Guide To SEO Optimized Content Writing [ With Checklist ]

 seo optimized content writing tips. Here In This Post, I am Gonna Share Some Very important Tips To Write A SEO Optimized Content. And Earn A lot From Selling Your Content Or You Can Also Do On Your on Website.

So Without Wasting Our Time I am Writing A little List of About Which things This post Is

  1. Content Strategy for SEO Optimized Content writing tips
  2. Design Good Content
  3. Create Good Content
  4. Check The Keyword Usage
  5. Use ALT Tag In Your Images
  6. Link- Able Content

Complete Guide To SEO Optimized Content Writing

1-  S.E.O. Content Strategy

What is SEO Content Strategy? so SEO Content Strategy Means We Can Say That The Standards OF SEO. Means That We Should Be Careful About Our Content. see a tip about SEO Optimized Content writing tips

Your Content Should Not Be Copied

You Must Create Your Own Content Don’t Copy Any Content From Others Website And Don’t Paste it On your Own Website.

Do Not Write Very Long paragraphs make A Paragraph just About 3 or 4 lines this Should Be Attractive For users And Will Provide A User-Friendly Experience.

Use Clear Headings In your Article so User Can Understand your Heading And What Is Written Inside Easily.

Don’t Use your Keywords to Many Time In your paragraph. SEO Optimized Content writing tips

2- Design Good Content

What I Mean By Design good Content Its Means that Your Content Should Be Very Attractive To User to User Can Read your Content Easily.

Good Design Can Be Also Meant That Your Content Quality Should Be Very Unique. Your Content Should Not Be Copied From Any Other Website.

Do Not Show too Many Ads to Your Users. this Can Be A Bad Experience For Your Website Visitors.

Keep A Sequence Of Your Content. So User Can Understand What Is Your Heading And What Content Should Be Inside. This Can Be A very good Experience For Your Visitors.

How To Design A good Content

  • You Must Write Quality Content
  • Must Attach Images That are Related to your Post
  • Also, Use Some Images That Are About your Keywords
  • Must Include ALT Tag ( How To add ALT tag Is Discussed Below )
  • Make Multi Headings and Sub Heading For your Content
  • Also, Use Some Animation Videos In your Content ( this is optional )

3- Create Good Content ( SEO Friendly Content )

Here is the third Tip For The Complete Guide To SEO Optimized Content Writing. Create good Quality Content Whats its Means Actually.

  • Its Means That Your Content Should Be Fresh( SEO optimized content writing tips)
  • Your Content Should Be 100% unique ( unique Content Increase the Chances of your post rank in google )
  • Your Content Should Cover All Topics About Your Content
  • Make Headings of Your Content
  • Must include Some Sub Headings under Your Headings

Some More things To Create A Quality And SEO Friendly Content

  • Your Content Should Be Monetized With Images. ( must use Images )
  • Don’t Display Too Many ads On Your Content. ( SEO optimized content writing tips)
  • Make Clear Content. ( don’t redirect Your Visitors By Making redirects )
  • Remove un-useful Content From Your Website.
  • Include ALT Tags With Images.

4-Check The Keyword Usage

Keyword Usage Means the Number Of Keywords that how many times your keyword is used in Your Article.

Do Not Use too Many Time Your Keyword this Will Provide A Bad Experience To Your Visitors And Visitor would Not Stay On Your Website.

Use A Normal Frequency of your Keywords in Your Content.

5-Use ALT Tag With Images

use Alt tag With Images Is Very Necessary and important. For Writing an SEO Optimized And Friendly Article.

Use ALT Tag With Images

Why Use ALT Tag With Images

Yes, Let Me Clear your Mind About This That Why The Alt Tag Is important With Images. see tip for SEO Optimized Content writing tips

As you Know That Google BOT visits Your Article And Do Fetch Them. When They Fetch Your Article. Bots read A IMG tag in Your Content. So They Know That You Attached A Image In Your Content.

But bots Don’t know That for Which Purpose You Attached A image. So We Add ALT tag with images and Write Inside The tag That About Which Thing We Are Displaying Image So Bots Can Understand.

How To Use ALT tag With Images

<img src="" alt="This Is A Smiling face">

this is The Example of Using The ALT tag with Your Images

6- Link-Able Content

Link-able Content is Very Important For Your Website Articles your Must Include your Own webs pages In Your Content Like Tips for Writing A Good Article

As you Can See In The Above paragraph I have Added A Link In the lines this Link Is of A article From My Own website.

this Content Linking Technique Is Very Useful And Can Provide You Very Better Results Within Days.

Hope You Enjoyed This Article

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