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Red flags to avoid when looking for  Auto insurance claims in Lake Charles 

Red flags to avoid when looking for  Auto insurance claims in Lake Charles


We are dealing with a crisis at the moment in the name of coronavirus. A declared pandemic COVID 19 has led to people rushing back to their homes with the set state of emergency. This is the time when insurance companies will try to take advantage of the situation and how desperate people are for money to bear the loss, be it due to cost-cutting or unemployment.


This is why it is essential for the people with insurance be it auto insurance claims in lake Charles or life insurance policyholders, to make sure there is no scam involved in the claim policy.


Some of the common insurance scams prevalent around the world and people need to be careful of, especially in this challenging time where every penny counts:


Low introductory rates:

While it might look lucrative at first, this is a clear red flag where fraud insurance companies appeal to customers with low introductory rates or such discounts that expire with the renewal of the following policy. You may find it strange that these companies have little coverage and higher deductibles, as well as exclusions. This can be avoided by comparing insurance coverage of different insurers.


Robbery by the independent agent:

If you take insurance policy from an insurance agent, these counterfeiters will make money out of the insurance premiums without actually covering you or your valuables. This will be revealed when the adversity strikes, and you would need money for the repair of the damaged goods that you will find was not insured in the first place.


The disguise of extra coverage:

Some independent agencies might slip in high fees under “extra charges” without informing you. This way, you will be losing a considerable chunk of money every year in the insurance premiums, and the agents would end up earning a massive commission that would be your money.


No official paperwork:

The claim might get agreed upon and put in place over a phone call or an email as soon as you make the payment and you won’t be asked to go through the “hassle” of the signing plethora of paper, and the claim would be free from any terms and conditions. This is an apparent scam. No receipt, proof of policy or application means you have been scammed and need to consult a lawyer to get your money back immediately.


Suspiciously urgent requirements:

If it’s a scam, you will be out of the blue asked to submit a certain amount otherwise, your policy will get “canceled”. The fraudsters might hurry you into signing papers saying it’s a limited period offer, which might expire soon or make it sound more lucrative so that you immediately do what they have asked for. No credible auto insurance claim company in lake Charles will make it unusual or urgent request.


Hiding information:

A scamming insurance agency or agent will not disclose all the necessary information regarding the insurance claim. They might try to dodge the question you will throw with the benefits their policy offers. Then this might catch you up in the payment, and they would “apologize for the inconvenience”.


If you ever find yourself being contacted bycatch insurance scammers, immediately report it to your nearest local police and crime bureau. If you have mistakenly shared any private information such as policy number or the password, then contact your insurance company and request to take action so that your money is safe immediately.


Now that you know these scams make sure you are careful when looking for an auto insurance claim company in lake Charles. Check for the team’s credentials, experience, and reviews before narrowing down your list. It’s your money, make sure you put it in the right place.


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