Raksha Bandhan Celebration In Various Parts Of India

Raksha Bandhan Celebration In India – Explained

How To Celebrate Rakhi Season in Style ?

How To Celebrate Rakhi Season in Style” Rakshha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals in India that is mainly marked to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters that is often filled with selfless love and affection for each other and nothing can be better than it.

This event usually comes during the month of Shravana as per the Hindu calendar and conveys the message of  brotherhood and fraternity among all the Indians in the best possible manner. Are you looking for ways to celebrate this occasion in style? If yes, then this article may be the final click for you as has many useful tips in this regard.

Preparation Prior To Rakhi:

This festival is observed with optimum enthusiasm every year. People start preparing for it several days earlier. One can find colorful secret threads everywhere in the market around 20 days prior to the actual day. Men, women and children can be seen buying creatively customized presents for  their loved ones  wearing new clothes and with a big smile on their faces.

Most of the sweet shops focus on developing  new and outstanding sweet recipes to maximize their profit. Many of them usually offer special raki discounts as well as packages to choose from. If you are located far away from your loved ones  and want to enjoy the special occasion with them, then the best option for you would be to work with an well-known rakhi website that offers you the luxury to send Rakhi gifts online from the comfort of your home and nothing can be better than it. These businesses have the record of offering premium quality raki at really affordable prices that you have always wanted.

Traditional Way To Celebrate Rakhi:

As per the age-old tradition, all the family members get ready in their best outfits for the celebration early in the morning. Sweet recipes are offered to family deities first of all.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration In Various Parts Of India


Ladies get ready preparing puja thali containing thread-based raki,kumkum powder, rice grains and earthen or metal lamps popularly known as diyas, incense sticks and sweets. After that, it’s time for them to perform aarti of their most favorite brothers with thalis on their hands.

They then apply kumkum powder or tilak to the forehead of their male siblings and offer sweets to them. The most important reason for all these things is ensuring good health and long life on the part of their brothers, who in turn promises to safeguard her from all kinds of evil forces of the world.

Not only this but they also often present their female siblings with something especially valuable as a token of their love and affection for them. You can never go wrong with these expertly customized presents that look especially marvelous.

The same-delivery service offered by these businesses is damn ideal for all those people who can often fail to send rakhi gifts to their closed ones well in advance due to some reason.This service is not always available while working with an offline Rakhi store.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration In Various Parts Of India:

Raki season is mainly marked in different parts of India under various forms. This occasion is celebrated as raki Purnima in Northern and North-western regions with optimum excitement. It is marked under the name RakshaBandhan  in southern parts like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh occupies a crucial position within the Brahmin community.

This day is even popular as Upakarmam and Hindus replace their existing secret thread with a new one. It mainly symbolizes getting rid of old, rotten and sinful rituals and marking the presence of an entirely new beginning. Do you often fail to find a secret thread store near you? If yes, then place your order with a reputed online portal that can arrange for online gift delivery at your place or that of your special ones.

Promotion To The Modern Era:

Rakhi festival was promoted in its modern form by the name Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore with an aim to promote peace, harmony and brotherhood among all the Indian communities during the time when India was ruled by the Britishers. It was much more than just a symbol of love and affection among siblings.

Hope you will get much information about modern ways to celebrate Rakhi season. You are free to browse through the internet in case you need more suggestions in this regard.

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