How To Do on page seo

On-Page SEO

how to Do on Page SEO. do you want to learn how to do On-page SEO, Then in This Post, I am Gonna Show you that how to do On-page Seo

How to Do On-Page SEO

Techniques that I use to do Search Engine Optimization Of My Website pages. Let’s See How to Do SEO on Page.

Techniques To Do On-Page SEO

  1. Must include a Heading on Your page That is Displaying that What is your page About For Example: If you made a new page for News purposes. Then you Must Add A Heading on Your Page That is Displaying A Heading Of ( News). And in Under the heading, You Must Include a Text That is Also Showing The User What your Page Is About. 
  2.  Remember to Make A H1 Heading and after H1 heading you must include some text under your Heading 1 that is displaying the purpose of your Page so Users can understand Better.
  3. make Second heading on Your Page H2 means Heading two. your Heading 2 must be relevant to Your Heading 1.
  4. Must Include an image in your Post that is displaying what you are saying to your users.
  5. Must Attach A ALT tag  With your Image.
  6. And Attach Some linkable text on your Page Like Search engine optimization. Here The Search Engine Optimization is the Link from my own website
  7. Must Write A SEO Friendly Article for your Website.

on Page Seo As you can see in this image i have highlighted some things in the image . So you have to follow the same procedure that is given in the image.

on page Seo tips see this image carefully as you can see that I have attached a photo on my page.

and I also have added some linkable text from my own website. follow and remember these things to Keep your We page Optimized.



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