google search for your website

google search for your website

Google search for your website. How this can be helpful for your website. Google search console is a tool from google. With this tool you can rank your posts and they can be viewed easily in google search results .And can get high traffic from google .

how to rank in google search results

if you want to rank your post in google results .You need to focus on some factors in easy words that how Google view your post and which posts google show in his search results .

so i am gonna share some basic tips that can help you to grow your Organic Traffic .

Keywords : keywords plays an important role to get traffic . chose the right keyword for your post to get organic traffic .

Country Target : Target The right Country for your keywords . use Google Keyword Tool To Target The Country.

Less Competition Keywords : Low competition Keywords can make Your chances high to be fetched on first pages of google. So i personally Suggest you to use long keywords with low competition. Because it is difficult in beginning to get on first page results with short keywords.

Search Engine Optimization : SEO KEYWORD TOOL S.E.O is the major factor you should know go get organic traffic faster. i am also using these methods to grow my Traffic.

Back links : back links plays and important role for your website. Make some quality backlinks to get your organic traffic grow faster. WHAT IS BACK LINKif you want to get free backlink from my website kindly see my post and follow the method Get Free Backlink From My Website .

Domain Name : your website name is the main factor how you get traffic chose the right name on which keyword you want to work. For example if you are making website on online earning so dont chose the its not well for you . Choose or relevant to this. because it will bring a lot traffic to your website.


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