Elsa Boulos the living mermaid.


Elsa Boulos

American/Lebanese. Born and raised in Lebanon. She studied business management and continued her higher education in international management and marketing where she earned her MBA degree in California U.S.A.


Elsa’s horoscope sign is Scorpio she is a beautiful brunette with the best dreamy and vacations pictures on her Instagram profile and recently she started her own domain website. www.elsaboulos.com


We call her mermaid ( actually she calls herself mermaid.E ) and this is not a surprise because she is truly living the mermaid life on her Instagram profile full of beautiful vibes and tropical pictures


She is a travel blogger she collaborated with many hotels and brands. She also got a great style which makes her as well a fashion blogger by always wearing the right and best outfits in her travels and photos.


The brunette mermaid collaborated with many fashion, beauty and makeup brands she got her own style and sense of humor.

Through her, Instagram handles: @elsaboulos the living mermaid shares not only her travel journey but also her fashion, and lifestyle journey.

We finally found a mermaid and she is just gorgeous!

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