Buying Guide of Water Purifier- Things You Need to Know

Buying Guide of Water Purifier- Things You Need to Know

Among lots of other house appliances, a water purifier is one of the most important ones you should have in your house. There are lots of diseases, like cholera, jaundice, diarrhoea, etc. happen from water contamination. Today, the water pollution is taking a toll, and in almost every house, you will find people suffering from problems of the liver, obesity, and other issues, specifically if you have kids and older person in your home. The best way of purifying water is to boil it. According to the doctors, kids and patients should always drink boiled water as that removes maximum impurities from drinking water.

But, that is also a time-consuming matter, and also you need to waste energy a lot to boil water. Instead of that, you can install an efficient local water purifier that is effective in removing almost all kinds of dirt and debris from drinking water. As a result of this, you get pure water to drink, without any threat of waterborne diseases. Today, with the advancement of technology, water purifiers are getting more advanced, and the new and modern features are making the devices even more compatible to deal with stubborn chemical pollutants and biological impurities. If you are planning to buy a new water purification system, then search for the water supplier near me and get the best method for your house, here are specific tips that you can follow-

  1. Know the Water Quality

This is the first thing you need to know before buying a brand new water purification system. Know the water quality of your area and make sure the TDS level of it. If the TDS level of water is high in your area, that means it is hard water with enough salinity. In that case, you will need an RO water purifier that comes with a semi-permeable membrane. Because of that, this type of purifier can remove even the slightest impurities, metals, and dissolved salt from the drinking water.

  1. Have Knowledge about the Types of Purifiers

Once you decide the water type of your area, it is time to know about the kinds of purifier you need to buy. Usually, there are three types of purifiers available in the market. Knowing a bit about those can help you to decide the most suitable purifier for you-

  • RO Water Purifier– RO or Reverse Osmosis water is perfect for those areas where the TDS level is quite high. RO is effective in removing Fluoride, heavy metals, dissolved salt, arsenic, and other toxic elements from water. Here, you need to remember that RO also removes specific essential material from water while purifying it. So, you can buy a device with TDS controller
  • UV Water Purifiers– The next type of purifier that buyers prefer a lot is UV purifier that comes with a high power UV light. It helps in removing contaminants and purifies water. If you have municipal corporation water in your house, installing UV purifier will serve you the best. But, you need to know that UV purifier is not effective in removing dissolved impurities
  • Gravity Based Water Purifier– Finally, this is the one that is also winning the hearts of the customers. If you are running tight on budget and still want a water purification system, you can go for this one; and another surprising fact is that it doesn’t require power to operate. So, you can save energy also. Installing gravity-based water purifier can serve you better if the TDS level of water is low in your area. This type of purifier can easily remove dust, bacteria, cysts, and chlorine from water.
  1. Know the Storage Capacity

This is another essential thing that you need to know while buying water purification system for your house. Does your area face regular power cuts? In that case, you will need a device that comes with the highest storage capacity. Go for the automated water purifiers which start purifying once the level of purified water declines.

  1. Know about Maintenance and Post-Sales Service

No matter whichever type you buy, you need to make sure about the maintenance of the device. Water purifier requires support at a particular gap of time, and you may need to sign a contract with the company like mrservice expert to get free services. Besides that, you should also know about the after-sales services of the particular brand you buy. If the post-sales service is not excellent, you can stay away from buying that brand now.

So, here you get specific essential tips about buying a water purifier. Installing a water purifier is very important as water pollution is increasing day-by-day. Besides that, you can also reuse the wastewater in various ways, like watering the plants, washing cars and utensils and even in other household works. As the level of underground water is going down, it is time to be aware and save water. Instead of wasting water on such tasks, you can use the wastewater of the water purifier system.

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