2.5 KVA Generator – Uses & Feature

2.5 kVA Generator: Uses & Feature

If you are for buying 2.5KVA generator, you have known their features and uses. Here in this blog you find the 2.5KVA generators uses and features.

As we know that the generator is used for power backup. Its demands are increasing day by day, it is used in every area, because in today’s time, without electricity nothing is possible. To simplify the work, many gadgets have been made which run on all electricity in such a situation.

if the power goes out. it is very sad that people do not want to make their work difficult and think of a backup generator. Is Through this blog, we want to make people aware of the features of the generator, so that you will be able to choose the generator.


Features of best 2.5KVA Generator:

After reading about many generators and seeing their ratings, we have prepared a list of some important features by looking at the likes of users, through which you will be able to choose a best generator.


 Alternator Type2 Pole, Rotating field
 Battery Capacity35 AH
 Engine TypeAutomatic Start
 Cooling TypeAir cooled and water cooled
 Maximum Allowable Back Pressure4.5 kPa
 Output Power Rating2.5 KVA
 Number of Cylinders1 to 2
 Rated RPM2500 – 3000
 Alternator Exciter TypeBrush-less
 Alternator Voltage RegulatorCapacitor
 Alternator InsulationClass H
 Voltage Regulation+5 % to 10% (no load to full load)
 Generator RatingPrime Power
 Static Battery Charger12 VDC
 Current Rating10 A
 Alternator Max Current Capacity12 A
 Continues Running15 to 20 Hours
 StylePortable, Lightweight
 NoiseSilent ( 40 to dB Noise level)
 Warranty2 -3 Years warranty


Key Points of 2.5KVA Generator:

  • Engines designs are Reliable, Robust & Rugged to deliver continuously in a hard environment
  • Better Block Loading Capability
  • Compact engine
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • Low Oil & Fuel consumption
  • Continuous duty energy rating
  • Minimal vibrations and lower noise levels
  • Easy Serviceability & Repairability
  • Standardized Design for the complete range
  • Provide clean & efficient electricity
  • Wide after-sales & parts support

Important Features, you should read it:

Low-Oil Shutoff

A generator is designed to close down automatically every time oil falls underneath a specified level for safety reasons. A good sort of portable generators function this handy feature

Fuel Gauge

A gas gauge permits you to check gas degrees effortlessly, this is particularly beneficial at some stage in extended power blackouts.

Alternative Fuel Use

While most transportable generators use fuel only, there are fashions designed to run on natural gasoline or a propane fuel tank. Some, however, can be transformed by the usage of unique kits.

Inverter Technology

High-end transportable generators provide cleaner output strength that may be utilized by even the maximum sensitive appliances. Such generators are appropriate for camping thinking they commonly perform much greater silently.

Multiple Outlets Option

Four or even greater lets in you to pleasantly utilize the wattage because they spread the load. However, you want to use all the shops at a few points of out of doors tenting expeditions or emergencies only.

Removable Console

They will let you immediately plug home devices into your transportable generator without using the potential threat extension cords.


Generator is heavy device because its mechanism design. But nowadays with the help Morten technology The size of the generator and their load has reduced very much. As a result, you can easily transfer them anywhere. Wheel option is also provided in the generator to increase the portability of the generator, so that you can easily move it.


The generator is part of your life. In this blog we are shared some important features of 2.5KVA generators. It is very important to know about their features before taking the generator, you should understand about it better so that you can trust your purchased generator and it will prove to be a perfect and beneficial for you.


If you want a buy or rent a Generator in Delhi NCR, you can visit to EO Energy website and you can use our support phone number for help. In this entire blog, we have done our full effort to make you aware of the features of the generator, hope that it will prove useful for you.


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